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Looking for Lemmings


“Grandma, I like birds, but I’m not going to be a birder.”  My granddaughter, Melody, told me this before her fifth birthday.  So, on a lovely summer evening just after she turned five, we go for a walk through the woods and along the edges of fields.  We are not searching for birds, but for mice and lemmings because rodents are Melody’s favorite animals.  We especially hope to see one of Melody’s favorite lemmings, Brown Lemming or Southern Bog Lemming.  She knows exactly what the mice’s tunnels in the grass look like and we find one possible mouse home, but no mouse.  Of course, we don’t find any lemmings either.  The “problem” is not that Melody doesn’t understand species ranges.  She is smart and I think that she does know that each animal species lives only in certain areas.  Our search for lemmings is because her young heart is full of hope and optimism – if we just TRY, just LOOK, we could find anything.  Melody holds my hand and happily skips through the woods, the air filled with the magic of possibilities.

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